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Julia - Belly Dancer Britains Got Talent

Julia is a young and highly creative performing artist who specialises in Middle Eastern singing and bellydancing. She is currently working on her debut album.

In May 2009, Julia successfully got through to the semi-final of Britain's Got Talent, watched by millions around the country. She went on to be interviewed on GMTV, perform on Richard & Judy and was also featured on the BBC.

Julia choreographs her own shows and works with other international dancers to perform at diverse celebrations in Europe and the Middle East.

Her shows feature a harmonious blend of contemporary styles and traditional Arabic and oriental movements, accompanied by Julia singing. The shows culminate with Julia’s solo bellydance extravaganza.

Julia knows her dance. She is keen to honor the history of belly dance offering as did the original dancers two forms of belly dancing. According to history there were 2 forms of dance the raqs baladi, a social dance performed to celebrate and the second the more theatrical raqs sharqi. Julia has created a modern fusion firstly the Solo Dance and secondly Julia and her theatrical performers bring you Arabian Song and Dance.

JULIA Solo – Live and totally original.

Close your eyes turn up the heating and think about the hot Arabian sun. Bellydancing is a highly artistic and emotional dance which is there is ignite excitement. Do you imagine the Bedouin tribesman sitting round the camp fires in silence, I think not. This is a custom passed down through dancers meant to entertain and celebrate.

A solo performance with Julia could be in a club for a birthday or a opulent hotel for a business event or a wedding by the sea.

Julia will dance two sets each one lasting 15 minutes on a stage or equivalent area. Half an hour break between sets Julia will change costume and props adding a change of scene and feel.

A car to and from her home should be arranged within in London and outside suitable and safe travel arrangements need to be arranged.

Leaving at least half an hour prior to a show, a room to change in and a brief conversation with the sound engineer/DJ Julia will be ready to dazzle.