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Kev Orkian

Kev Orkian is one of the UK's most talented, up-and-coming comedians. A highly skilled pianist, singer and actor, he has been dubbed one of the world's finest comedy pianists.

Born in 1974 to Armenian parents, Kev Orkian comes from a long line of entertainers; His great grandparents were scriptwriters and introduced the first theatre show to Turkey in the early 1900’s, whilst his grandparents all played numerous musical instruments and one of them was also an amateur comedian.Kev started playing the piano at four years old. Music came naturally to the young Kev — by the time he was 12 he had already composed his first pieces and by 15 had passed all eight piano grades — gaining a Performers Diploma in Music along the way.

At 15, after competing in many competitions and concerts, Kev decided to complete his training and move on to performing arts at Brunel University — earning himself a National Diploma in Performing Arts and Music in 1994.

However, the piano alone wasn’t enough, so with both comedy and the theatre calling him, Kev was soon back on the stage. He made his West End debut in 1996 starring in Fame at the Victoria Palace Theatre. This foray into London’s theatre scene led to many other roles including Me & My Girl (1996-1997), the Grease concert tour (1998), Buddy Holly concert tour (1998), Happy Days (1998 - 2000) and Boogie Nights (2001-2004).

Not wanting to tender his relationship with the piano, Kev Orkian spent his spare time writing and developing comedy routines that incorporated music but was never fully aware he could turn this into a full act until 2004. Kev Orkian’s heroes include Victor Borge and Dudley Moore (he has been compared to both), so he felt their styles of comedy needed to be brought back… and he was the man to do it.

By chance, Kev happened to be performing in Blackpool when a well-known act pulled out of the renowned Comedy Bonanza Show — in stepped Kev to try out his new material and the stand-up comedy act was born!

Since then Kev Orkian’s career as a stand-up comedian has gone from strength to strength. He has toured as the support act to some of Britain’s premier entertainers including Jim Davidson, Julian Clarey, Cannon & Ball and Joe Pasquale to name just a few. He has been involved with numerous variety shows including gala events for the Duke of Kent, Prince of Oman, Baroness Margaret Thatcher and Dame Vera Lynn.


Through his friendship with comedian Jim Davidson he has performed regularly for the BFF (British Forces Foundation), touring Army and Navy bases around the world, entertaining the British and American Forces.

He is also a co-founder of the ITFO (International Trust Fund for Orphans), a charity that raises money for orphaned children around the world.

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