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Madness Tribute Band - Ultimate Madness

Whether its a Wedding, 40th Birthday party, Tribute Night or an Outdoor show, Ultimate Madness have performed at a variety of prestigous venues, functions and corporate events throughout the UK.

Ultimate Madness have carved a niche in the tribute tree and set the bookers tongues wagging in admiration.-Stage Newspaper, 2007

"This is about as good a madness tribute you will get."- Stage Newspaper, 2003

"Ultimate Madness are a highly regarded tribute act and are quite superb."- The Stage, 2004

"It's hard to belive it's not the real Suggs!"- Blandford Steam Fayre, 2004

"This is the best tribute I have seen for a long time."- Scootering Magazine, 2004

"The best touring band we've had all season."- Presthaven Sands/Haven Holidays, 2005

Member Profiles -

Formed in 2002, Ultimate Madness has become the madness tribute band that everyone is talking about. This madcap band, available as a 5 or 6 piece line-up, has been touring extensively throughout the United Kingdom, Germany and Holland.

Having met Madness back in 2004 Ultimate Madness were given the thumbs up by Suggs and the boys. In the short space of time the band has been together it has firmly established itself as the leader in its field. In doing so the band has a big reputation supporting acts such as:

Bad manners Go West Chesney Hawke's Kid Creole and the Coconuts Saxon Busted Simon Webb from Blue Jerry Dammers from The Specials The crazy, fun packed, talented, outrageous performance

is delivered at a blistering pace with a few ska classics thrown in by the specials, Bad Manners, etc inspiring audience participation throughout. In fact the band has only one thing on their mind when they go on stage and that is to create the ultimate ska party, refreshing the nutty parts other madness tributes cannot reach.

Ultimate Madness are fully self contained and carry with them a 7k Nexo sound system with Drum and Keyboard risers and full lighting rig this depends on the venues electric power power supply.

The show can be delivered as follows:

One hour spot 2x 45 minutes Seventy five minute spot In the time the band has been together it's rapid growth in popularity has lead to a large and increasing fan base throughout the uk. This follows performances at all of the country's major holiday parks, theatres, outdoor shows and festivals.



Ultimate Madness