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Queen Tribute Band - QEII

Along with the many fans who mourn the loss of Freddie Mercury, QEII aim to celebrate the wealth of talent that came together in Queen by recreating, with breathtaking accuracy, the style and excitement of a LIVE Queen concert, which sadly, will never again be seen.

The Band . . . Paul Taylor - performing as Freddie Mercury (Vocals)Phil Teague - performing as Brian May (Guitars/Vocals)John Stephens - performing as John Deacon (Bass Guitar/Vocals)Mick Durber- performing as Roger Taylor (Percussion)Steve Thompson- performing as Spike Edney (Keyboards/Vocals)

A Brief History . . .Having played together for ten years, and realising that the Queen songs that they performed received rapturous approval, as opposed to the songs of other artistes, B-fifteen, as they were then known, decided to embark on a monumental task - To recreate the best, most talented rock band EVER.

What's In A Name . . .The name QEII was deliberated over for a long time. A name was needed that was aesthetic visually, but portrayed the same strength that the name QUEEN commanded. The large 'Q' was considered an integral part of the design, but the image seemed a little weak on its own. After some experimentation, the crown was added, and that's how it is today.

Are They Serious? You bet your life they're serious. Being staunch Queen fans themselves, the last thing QEII want to do is alienate Queen fans, either by name or performance. By aiming to replicate a live Queen performance, with all its charm and charisma, and where possible, adding the studio harmonies, QEII aim to please and impress as many people as possible.

In The Beginning . . . In 1993 QEII formed to pay tribute to the World's No.1 band. The arduous task of co-ordinating lighting, image, clothes, make-up, (Yes, make-up! If QEII do a job, the job is done professionally throughout!), mannerisms and not least, by any means, the harmonies and music of the greatest band in the world. The Stoke-based band rehearsed behind closed doors for twelve months to perfect the show - The 1986 Magic Tour.

QEII are now critically acclaimed as ”The UK's top Tribute to Freddie Mercury & Queen”

The rest, as they say, is history.



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