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The Dream Bears

The DreamBears, the UK's premier all-bear dance, burlesque and cabaret troupe. The DreamBears are Dan, Justin and Luke - three likely lads from London town, out to entertain and have a good time.

Dance trio The Dream Bears ‘can-can’ look forward to the future following their successful audition on Saturday’s Britain’s Got Talent.The threesome, comprising Luke (31, a funeral arranger), Justin (34, a hairdresser), and Dan (29, a coffee shop barista), dance regularly at London club night Guilty Pleasures, and have taken their act on the road across Ireland, Italy – and even the indie rock Mecca, Glastonbury.

Dan told us, “We always go down very well – but it was a bit of an eye-opener for the festival crowd! We’re unique, so they hadn’t seen an act like us before”. And Luke thinks their success has a secret: “Everybody needs a bit of cheekiness to cheer them up in troubled times”!

Justin, Dan and Luke had been dancing burlesque numbers together for three years before coming up with their can -can routine “one drunken night in the pub”.

The Dream Bears routines, however, do take rather a lot of preparation. As well as “endless rehearsals in Luke’s kitchen”, the group’s outfits – a near-genius mix of barista aprons, mini can-can flounces and rather fetching spotty pants – were put together with great love by Justin. “I was up all night sewing them together”. “We should do a clothes like, like Victoria Beckham, “ he mused, “Dream Bear Couture for the portly gentleman”.At the end of auditions, the lads rushed off to rehearse their next routine - and plan their next outfits. Said Luke, “We’d love to see how far we can go with this. And people seem to love it. Dan grinned: “Yes, we are the act that just keeps on giving…”